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Svay Rieng Cooperative gets the first price of Cambodian Best Rice


On 18th November, the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce organized the Second Cambodian Rice Festival at Phnom Penh. The festival was organized one day ahead of the sixth World Rice Conference hosted this year by Cambodia.

During the event, Mr Keo Sokha, the President of FAEC (Federation of farmers’ Associations promoting family agriculture Enterprises in Cambodia) delivered a speech for the promotion of small-scale farmers that was later on dispatched on television channels. FAEC is ADG partner in a large program for the promotion of food sovereignty in Cambodia. The festival is the occasion for farmers organizations, supporter agencies, and buyers to meet, foster dialogues, and improve the business environment in favor of small-scale farmers.

A competition was organized to select the Cambodian Best Rice; eleven cooperatives supported by ADG submitted samples of paddy for the competition. Talking with buyers and restaurant’ chiefs, ten of the 11 samples were considered as of very good quality.

Among them the rice provided by the Agriculture Cooperative “Sangkahak Kasekor” from Svay Rieng Province was elected the Cambodian Best Rice.

In 2012 and 2013, Cambodia won the award of “World’s Best Rice”. “Sangkahak Kasekor” cooperative was newly established by 44 farmers, from which 39 are women, to develop their commercial collective activities, with the support of FAEC and ADG.


Madam Chhroeung Yuth, the President of “Sangkahak Kasekor” cooperative is delighted of this rewarding:

I am so proud that is my cooperative that gets this price. With this reward, our farmers will be able to be better; our variety of Pkah Roumdoul seeds will be well recognized. I got more than ten buyers who took my phone number. But my cooperative is new and we do not have stock yet to enable the bargaining to increase prices from buyers. We received these seeds ten years ago from the Provincial Department of Agriculture, and with the technical knowledge gained from FAEC training, we could improve the quality of the seeds. The sample came from Mr Prom Savan, a farmer who is using good practices like transplanting and harvesting by hand, to ensure good quality. This price will push other farmers for applying good practices as well, and invest time in the cooperative.”