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Stages et TFE au Sud

Do you want to make your practical work for the completion of your studies abroad?

Are you interesting by Family agriculture, farmer’s organizations, food sovereignty, agro ecological production techniques ?

Realize your practical work for the completion of your studies in a South project is the opportunity to discover the internal functioning of an NGO, to understand the issues of Development Cooperation, to learn about the different working methods but also to have a first practical experience in the South.

Each year, ADG supervises four students in agronomy (Faculty of Gembloux and High Schools) during their practical work in one of our South projects. Proposals of topics are designed based on the needs expressed by the field.

Students are selected based on their motivation, language skills, adequacy of their focus to the needs expressed by the field.

Before departure, each student has to follow the training « Young aid workers ». The training is organized twice a year (April and November) and is available in five modules of two or three hours in the evening at Gembloux.

  • Module 1: Major themes of Development Cooperation, focus on Food Sovereignty.
  • Module 2: Context of Development Cooperation.
  • Module 3: What is a development project?
  • Module 4: The birth of a project: from the identification to the funding.
  • Module 5: Motivations to departure and understanding of interculturalism. Witnessing from former development aid workers and interns: become CooperActor.

At the end of the training, participants should be able to:

  • understand the context and issues of Development Cooperation, to address the issues of Development Cooperation in a multidisciplinary and critical way;
  • stimulate reflection on the job of development aid volunteer, on its role and its place in the Development Cooperation;
  • understand what is a development project, what is its life cycle, how it starts, how it is managed and it ends.

Before, during and after their practical work, students are supervised, on the one hand, by the teaching staff of their institution and on the other hand, by the ADG staff (headquarters and field), and by South partners of ADG. ADG will be attentive to the technical orientation of the works, their harmonization and continuity.

Students involved in these internships undertake on their return to be actors in Development Education through witnessing, video and photo reports, and writing articles for the periodical of ADG to enrich our Development Education program.

If you would like more information on the proposed topics and procedure, sends an email to info@ong-adg.be