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Place of training

Training is part of ADG missions since its foundation. The main goal of training is to reinforce North and South development stakeholders’ skills and consequently to improve the positive effect of their organisations on the population. We give trainings as part as our South project: reinforcing our partners and local organisations capacities is priority so they can become actors of development on their own territory.

The setup of trainings intended for other development stakeholders began in 1998. ADG especially organised 19 international work traineeships about Project Cycle Management (with more than 360 participants). We rely on our own capacities but also on an important representatives and partner’s network within Belgian farming sector and non-governmental and university fields, North and South located.

Most of our trainings are organized in collaboration with the Faculty of Gembloux (GxABT-ULg).

Main ADG experiences in the training sector since 2008 (in French) (Download).

Since 1999, ADG also has supervised one hundred of students doing traineeship in one of its many different overseas projects.