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Types of trainings

We organise professional trainings, which means they are conceived to reinforce the participants’ professional skills, and consequently, to reinforce their institution or organisation’s skills.

They approach technical fields (organic farming, seeds, cooperative reinforcement) and methodological fields (Project Cycle Management, Management based on Results).

Our target audience is mostly development stakeholders (leaders, technicians, decision-makers…) working within Southern or Belgian organisations supporting rural Development and family farming: NGO, farmers organisations, public services, universities, research or popularisation centers, decentralized communities, survey departments…) Secondarily, some trainings apply to students or people not working yet but wishing to commit themselves in these areas.

We can give our trainings in Belgium or in a South country. They can last from 3-4 days (basic or specific trainings) to many months (integration of technical and methodological content, possible integration of a phase of coaching).

We present in our catalogue typical training units in which we have practice and recognised expertise. These trainings can be adapted and most of them can be moved to South, depending on requests and potential sources of funding: complete catalogue (available only in French). catalogue complet à télécharger (pdf).

Most of our trainings are organised upon request, so please contact us by completing the attached form.

We present you here some typical training units :

TitleNumber of hoursFact sheet to download
Short methodological units (maximum two weeks )
Basic training: Management based on Results within projects/programs identification 24 Fact sheet C1
Exhaustive training: Project Identification and Formulation: Project Cycle Management tools and Management based on Results 24 Fact sheet C2
Basic training: Projects/programs follow-up/evaluation - Management based on Results approach 24 Fact sheet C3
Training: “Young Volunteer”: “Working in Development Cooperation: KESAKO?” 14 Fact sheet C4
Other short technical or generalist units (maximum two weeks)
Basic training: Innovating in family farming 27 Fact sheet C5
Training: Analytical perspective in relation with support practices to family farming 24 Fact sheet C6
Training: Seeds packaging, distribution and marketing 27 Fact sheet C7
Training: Seeds industry: technical and financial planning and management 18 Fact sheet C8
Training: Quality control, regulations and legislative aspects of the seed industry 27 Fact sheet C9
Long units (three weeks and more)
Basic training: Introduction to diagnosis and analysis work tools 87 Fact sheet L1
Training: Analytical in-depth study of family farming support concepts and practices 110 Fact sheet L2
Training: seeds production capacity reinforcement 77 Fact sheet L3
International work placement
International methodological internship in support of family farming innovation 400 Fact sheet S1
International methodological internship: Managing projects/programs in support of family farming – follow-up and evaluation (Management based on Results approach) 104 Fact sheet S2
International work placement in seed sowing production 160 Fact sheet S3
Customized training
To define Variable Fact sheet X