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For several years now, we have witnessed a succession of financial, political, food and environmental crises. They bring us to question the type of society we wish to live in.  How will the world feed itself tomorrow? What kind of production, processing and consumption do we want? The issues of agricultural policy, food sovereignty and international solidarity are fundamental issues to redraw the future of the planet.

It is with this in mind that for many years now we have been carrying out civic education. Through outreach and advocacy, ADG aims to improve understanding of global issues related to food sovereignty, family agriculture in the North and the South, sustainable food systems, consumption responsible and, more generally North-South interdependencies.

To become actors of change, citizens must above all be informed in a critical and nuanced way about the global issues that are at stake.

Every year, nearly 2,500 people participate actively in the civic education activities of the association. We are reaching out to a wide range of different audiences: Gembloux-Agro Bio Tech-ULg students and teachers from the 5 Walloon agronomic schools (Ath, Fleurus, Huy, La Reid, Ciney).

The commune of Gembloux and the university campuses are places conducive to the civic education actions carried out by ADG. Indeed, they are home to a wide variety of actors or institutions of civil society, academia or field engaged in the wider fields of agriculture and sustainable food.

ADG emphasizes the support and training of actors in Belgium in order to equip them and strengthen them as carriers of the messages of our activities. To do this, ADG provides training to students and volunteers so that they can better understand the global issues, appropriate the themes of the civic education and have the tools of animation and methodology to raise awareness in their entourage.

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