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With a population of about 10 million people, of which 60 % live in the countryside, Benin is one of the poorest countries of the world. More than half of the population is living with less than 1.25 $USD per day while 1.1 million people (10 % of its population) are living in a situation of food insecurity. 

The agricultural sector employs 3/4 of the active population and represents 36 % of the GDP. The different types of food production in Benin cover 85 % of the national food needs.

Despite its potentialities, the agricultural and animal raising sectors are confined in their traditional methods and are poorly productive or competitive due to many constraints linked to the farm structures, to the lack of crop diversification, to a decline in soil fertility and to climate change. In addition to that, there is the weakness of farming tools and infrastructures, the lack of training and technical support, the inadequacy between climatic realities and technical solutions oriented towards agrochemicals, a lack of funding of the sector, land pressure and insecurity…

In this context, ADG takes action to:

  • Develop an integrated vision of family farming which addresses nutritional, energy or financial needs of the family based on the natural resources at their disposal (land, water, farm inputs, wood…) and managed in a sustainable way ;
  • Involve women in decision-making about the management of rural family farms in order to meet the fundamental needs in a sustainable way ;
  • Support and professionalize the agricultural entrepreneurship and family farms thanks to a conducive and favorable environment ;
  • Promote fonio, a traditional cereal, at local and national levels as a response to food, economic and environmental challenges.