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Despite economic growth in the last decades, problems of poverty and inequality still remain daunting in Cambodia, considering that approximately 83% of the population remains vulnerable to poverty. The biggest contributor to poverty reduction, so far, has been agricultural sector activities and higher crop prices. Eighty percent of the population lives in rural areas and more than 55% are engaged in agriculture activities, most of them small-scale family farmers. Agriculture therefore remains the main source of income for many Cambodians living in rural areas, with rice being the principal commodity.

However, Cambodia is confronted by climatic (increased drought span, higher temperatures, intensifying rain, etc.), socio-economical (access to finance is currently a major bottleneck; women rarely participate or have a say in many aspects of daily life; one million young people migrate in search of work, etc.); and technical challenges for its development. The move to truly sustainable natural resource management and shared prosperity is therefore essential. 

In Cambodia, ADG supports small-scale family farmers in order to improve their living conditions by helping them overcome the constraints that come with the current scenarios concerning Cambodian agriculture. 

Within this framework, ADG:

  • supports more than 9,000 farmers from 10 provinces in the following fields: improving access to seeds, development of farming production using agro-ecological approach, improving access to market, improving access to finance, strengthening farmer organization in defending interest and providing better service to their members and knowledge management. 
  • supports more than 70 Agricultural Cooperatives and two farmer federations at national level