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Family farms of less than five hectares in area represent 81.8% of all farms in Peru and are concentrated in the Andes. They provide 70% of food consumed by the urban population. Paradoxically, these farming families are affected, sometimes significantly, by poverty and food insecurity.

Family agricultural production suffers from a decrease in productivity due to inappropriate use of agrochemicals, the unavailability or misuse of water, land degradation and the effects of climate change. Resulting lower income families and rural exodus.

Moreover, they do not receive support from the Peruvian government, which focuses its agricultural investments in irrigated areas of the coastal areas for export.

Through two major projects, ADG and its Peruvian partners are working to strengthen food sovereignty of 15,000 families and their organizations by improving:

  • the quality of food : by agro-ecological production, the use of local food and additional activities such as hygiene, cleanliness, upgraded kitchen... ;
  • income : by creating added value and employment through short-distribution channels and transformation of products ;
  • the access to resources : through the use of local inputs (natural fertilizers...) and the participation of farmers' organizations in landscape planning processes, while improving the capacity to adapt to the climate changes ;
  • the regulation and protection of production and marketing : by strengthening synergies between civil society organizations (farmers' organizations, Peruvian and international NGOs) to support the development and implementation of public policies at the service of family farming.