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To Support us

Your financial support is necessary in order for us to be able to implement our actions and those of our partners in favor of peasant families. It allows us not only to complete the subsidies of our sponsors but also to work independently.

You can support us with an occasional online donation , a standing order or a legacy.

If you donate 40 € or more per year, you will receive a tax certificate. In Belgium, you can have a standard tax reduction (45%) of the total amount of donations in the year.

You can donate money to ADG's bank account (Triodos bank):
IBAN Number : BE04 5230 8027 2831

A Joyful Event?

Wedding, Birthday, Birth...

A lot of people want to share happy moments and want an organization to benefit from them. You can also support our projects!

If you want practical information, send an email to alain.chanson@ong-adg.be or call +32 81 622 575.

Every donor receives a tax certificate if they donate 40 € or more.

Right to Information

ADG is a member of the Association pour une Ethique dans les Récoltes de Fonds (Association for ethics in fundraisings) - AERF

Under article 9 of the Loi du 8 décembre 1992 relative à la protection de la vie privée (Law of December 8, 1992 on protection of private life), we inform you that if you make a donation, your contact information will be saved in our internal computer system and will never be transmitted to third parties. If you want to access, edit or borrow your information you can contact us by email, phone or mail at any time. Contact us

Our annual accounts are published on donorinfo.be, the first Belgian website to publish impartial information on the activities and finances of charities.