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Businesses are key actors of development and ADG is deeply convinced that establishing dynamic partnerships with the private sector is more necessary than ever in order to solve the complex problems of our society.

Supporting ADG means:

  • You concretely act to improve living conditions of thousands of peasant families.
  • You embody your social commitment and thus enhance your image in your country and in the entire world.
  • You receive tax benefits (donations are tax deductible in Belgium).


  • You are guaranteed a field experience for the implementation of projects that durably contribute to the fight against poverty while respecting the environment.
  • You receive regular information on ADG's projects and activities.

In practice, besides making donations, you can also :

  • organize events with your employees to present us or raise funds for us;
  • cofinance a project that is particularly important to you;
  • make your experience available to us in the form of skills sponsorships in fields that are useful to us: computer science, legal advice, design, translation...
  • ask your customers to participate: reward points can be donated to ADG and can be transformed into donations, a part of the profits of a sale can be donated or appeals for donations can be spread.

Do not hesitate in contacting us. We will define together the best way for you to support us (info@ong-adg.be or +32.81/62.25.75).