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The General Assembly is the sovereign body of the organisation. It is made up of 40 members who elect a board of 12 directors. They are elected for a 3-year, renewable term of office.

Here are the current board members:

  • Patrick WAUTELET : Chairman
  • Guy MERGEAI : Vice-chairman
  • Xavier LAMBERT : Vice-chairman and Treasurer
  • Anne TOTTÉ : Secretary
  • Nicolas ANTOINE-MOUSSIAUX : Administrator
  • Jean-Luc HORNICK : Administrator
  • Michel HOYOS  : Administrator
  • Michel BAUDOIN : Administrator
  • Marc PONCELET : Administrator
  • Nathalie FAGEL : Administrator

For improved efficiency, the day-to-day running of the organisation is partly delegated to commissions, task forces and to the operational team.

This team is in charge of carrying out the activities which constitute the object of the Organization, under the guidance of a collegial coordination.

The operational team is made up of four units:

  • the administration, finance and logistics (AFL) unit, also in charge of communication and fundraising,
  • the projects management and partnerships unit,
  • the advisory support and training unit,
  • the civic education unit in charge of development education activities and permanent education.

In order to coordinate the field projects more efficiently, and build solid relationships with the local partners, ADG has set up decentralised structures in Peru, Senegal and Cambodia


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